Technology & Concept


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Controller, Display, Software

Unlike most electric scooters that you can find on the market nowadays, the E-TWOW scooters feature a display with interactive functions. The display communicates with the controller, thus allowing the scooter user to send specific orders to the motor, such as cruise control or speed limits. The display also features valuable performance and environmental indicators such as speed, number of trips or temperature.
The implemented software maintains a perfect balance between autonomy and the riding speed, by focusing on the economical use of the battery’s resources.

Integrated control, monitoring and signaling system

To make the E-TWOW scooters as reliable as possible, we have equipped them with an integrated system where all the control, monitoring and signaling commands work hand in hand. The system includes a display unit, an acceleration throttle, an electromagnetic brake, a board with power, lights, horn and setting buttons, an eco-friendly headlight, sensors and a microcontroller which communicate with the main board, as well as a power circuit that drives the battery power to the front wheel.


To design an environmentally friendly vehicle, we have put a lot of effort into an efficient energy saving system. The driving wheel works as an electric generator, charging the battery when the electromagnetic brake is used. Moreover, our scooters feature a smart BMS (battery management system) which monitors the battery’s performance. We assemble our own batteries. All batteries feature 10 series of 3 cells grouped in parallel

During your ride, the Eco-friendly energy recovery system makes sure no power goes to waste, while the Smart Battery Management System closely monitors battery performance.

KERS System

The E-TWOW is the first scooter to use the KERS technology (KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM) through the electromagnetic braking, so the scooter’s battery autonomy can be increased up to 40 %. When the electromagnetic brake is used, the DC brushless motor is turned into a generator which recharges the battery.  This system is used in Formula 1 competitions and it’s the first time such a system is integrated in an electric kick scooter. Find our more about KERS from the top Formula 1 drivers here:


General assembly

The assembly lines in our factory use state of the art technologies to deliver efficient flow-line systems to satisfy our ever-growing production needs.  To optimize our assembly lines, we use modern aluminum and carbon molding processes.

R&D Department

Our R&D team is constantly working on applying the latest technologies in the electric vehicle industry to develop new products that can shape the future of urban transportation systems. Check out at our latest project to learn more about our plans for the future

Brushless motors

Brushless motors use a permanent motor instead of brushes to change the polarity of a motor’s electromagnet which keeps the motor’s armature spinning. By eliminating the classic brushes, brushless motors are a lot more durable, more reliable, more efficient and less noisy. They are also lighter than brushed motors with the same power. With the E-TWOW scooters, we have built the driving wheel like a brushless electric machine. During acceleration, it operates as a DC electric motor, whilst during deceleration, it operates as an electric generator, sending kinetic energy to the battery.