E-TWOW Connect

Stay in touch with your scooter at all times!

Get ready to enhance your riding experience with a smart app with Bluetooth connectivity!

Bluetooth® Smart App

V. 1.3.1

This application is only compatible with the E-TWOW models which
feature Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Start-up guide

Find the E-TWOW Connect app in Google Play or App Store  to download and install the app. To install the app, you will need a smartphone with an iOS 10/Android 5 operating systems or newer versions. Once the app is installed, you will have to register using a valid email address. You will receive a unique code in an email which you must type in the app to confirm your email address. Once your email is confirmed, you can log in and dive into the world of electric mobility.

App structure
The E-TWOW Connect app has 4 major sections






The E-TWOW Connect app revolutionizes the way you connect with friends and share your electric scooter experiences. Seamlessly blending image sharing, liking, and chat features, this app creates a vibrant community for E-TWOW electric scooter enthusiasts.

Key Features:


Whether you want to check your scooter’s performance, or you want to compare different scooter models, in the Product section you will find all the information you need.
Here, you can also locate the nearest E-TWOW dealer and/or service shop.


To pair your scooter with your smartphone, you must first make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is activated and that the scooter is turned on and in range.

To do this, search nearby device and connect with your scooter.

Scooter functions

Once the connection is made, you will have the possibility to access the following scooter functions:

  • Set speed limit
  • Turn the lights on/off
  • Activate the Zero Start function*
  • Lock the scooter
  • More functions to come …

* Safety function which only allows you to accelerate after you set the scooter in motion with your feet.


The profile section is where you will find information and account settings structured as follows:

  • About me
    driving history and other relevant account information.
  • Notifications
    everything that we think will improve your riding experience.
  • Imperial/metric system
  • Language
  • Log out

* Some app features are a work in progress and will be available in future updates.

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