Electric Scooter Accessories

Charger bag

Black bag with protections, which can be used to transport the charger. It features adjustable straps so it can be fixed on the metal frame of the scooter.

Shoulder strap

Black shoulder strap with sponge fitting for extra comfort. It can be used to transport the scooter in an easy and comfortable way.
* The shoulder strap also includes the carrying handle which is detachable.

Carrying handle

The carrying handle can be fitted on the scooter’s handle bar. It’s positioning on the handle bar distributes the scooter’s weight evenly, to make it easier to carry the scooter.

Phone holder

Black plastic phone holder with adjustable arms that can be attached to the base of the scooter handles or the main handle bar.

Trolley bag

Black trolley bag, made of a light and durable material and equipped with a 3-wheel trolley system, which allows easy transport of your scooter.

Fingerprint sensor locker

Made of a durable steel cable, this high quality, waterproof locker with USB charging can store 20 fingerprints and it can unlock more than 3000 times on a single full charge.