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Embark on an exhilarating journey of exploration with us and experience the thrill of the outdoors like never before, riding the powerful Tanktorq TK5 electric dual motor scooter!

Dual Motor Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a dual motor scooter that will exceed your expectations, TankTorq TK5 is here to meet your wildest urban and off-road fantasies. Get ready to enjoy the torquiest ride on the best light-heavyweight electric scooter.

Which scooter model is best for you?

TankTorq TK5

Available colors

Up to 80 km



Top Speed

Dual 1000W


Li-Ion, 60V, 21Ah



Available colors

Up to 45 km



Top Speed

500W nominal power (700W peak power)


Li-Ion, 48 V; 7.8/9.6Ah


E-TWOW Booster

Available colors

Up to 30 km



Top Speed

500W engine power


Li-Ion, 36V, 7,8Ah


Key Features


Up to 50km/h


Up to 80km


Dual 1000W engine power


60V, 21Ah



TankTorq TK5 Performance

TankTorq TK5 is equipped with two strong brushless 1000W motors that deliver an insane peak power of 3000W. This is the equivalent of 4 horsepower. The two motors propel the e-scooter to a max speed of 50 km/h in a matter of a few seconds. *The scooter can be electronically limited to comply with local speed regulations. The full rage of the motors will boost your ride even on steep roads with more than 35° incline or on rough terrain.

When you open the ECO mode, the estimated range is 80KM, this information comes from BMS (Battery Management System). The optimal 80 KM is calculated in test conditions with a 75kg load, driving at 25 KM/h, on a flat road and low wind conditions. Range and speed can be affected by driving conditions but also by the type of tires used and the pressure of the tires. 

TK5 has 3 driving modes: ECO, Driving, and Sport. These three modes differ by acceleration power, and the Sport mode should only be used by racers. When you drive near pedestrian areas, and the speed is lower than 6 km/h, the bell is similar to a bike bell, delivering a light sound in order not to scare pedestrians.

The entire system of the TK5 electric scooter is designed with the highest standards of the automotive industry in mind. This is best exhibited by the electronic brake system, which uses the same advanced braking energy recovery technology as Tesla, Lixiang, and BYD. There are three levels of EBS: 1, 2 and 3. There is also the 0 level which represents no EBS. When the braking level is set to L3, up to 60% of the kinetic energy can be recovered.

The TK5 electric scooter is also equipped with a double hydraulic disc brake, which has better braking force, better heat dissipation, better stability, and higher security. When you use the EBS, there is no need to use the disc brake too often, but it can be practically used for emergency or final stops.

The waterproof level of the battery, motor, controller, display screen, front, and rear lights of the scooter reaches IPX7, which means that these parts can withstand brief immersions in water, with a maximum depth of 1 meter and a duration of 30 minutes, without water ingress or damage.

TK5 has two levels of chargers to choose from, 4A and 8A. When the scooter is equipped with a standard 4A charger, the charging time is 6-7 hours. The second level is the 8A fast charger with constant current, which greatly shortens the charging time to only 2 hours and 40 minutes. When the scooter is charging, there is a running light indicator. When the battery reaches 95%, the running light will stop and the charging light will display blue. When the charging level reaches 100%, the light will turn off. If there is ever an abnormal alarm in the BMS during charging, the charging light will display red.

Note: If the scooter is charged to 100%, when you start driving the scooter, the EBS will not work at first. As such, we recommend using the disc brake for braking when the scooter is fully charged. After driving 1 to 2 KM, the EBS will start to work. If you want to use the EBS as soon as you start riding the scooter, it should not be charged more than 95%, when the charging light shows the blue color. This method is also good for preserving the battery’s life.

For optimal comfort, the scooter is equipped with tubeless puncture-proof winter/summer tires. TK5 is standardly equipped with summer tires with a lighter tread and a harder rubber tread, which helps provide good handling on dry and wet roads. The winter tires have deeper patterns and more complex designs, which help provide better traction and grip on snow and ice. You get all the benefits of pneumatic tires with a lower level of puncture risk and almost zero maintenance.

TK5 uses an intelligent BMS with both software and hardware protection, and it has been certified by the US standard and CE authorities. Equipped with five-level protection settings, it can calculate the remaining battery charge SOC and battery health SOH. Equipped with an isolated CAN bus interface, it can output the remaining battery power SOC, battery output current, and internal battery temperature in real time. In addition, the battery is equipped with a dual protection mechanism of an overload safety switch and internal over-current protection. The battery has an automatic lock connector, and it’s very easy to change. All the connectors of the scooter are waterproof and designed for fast connection.  If the battery power is low, the scooter enters the reserved mode. In this mode, the maximum speed does not exceed 12km/h, and the scooter can continue to ride for 3-5 kilometers, with a final mileage of 83 to 85 kilometers.

The cockpit

The vehicle is equipped with a stellar 14W ultra-high-brightness LED display screen, which can still maintain good visibility in direct sunlight, and clear visibility for the screen. All riding stats (range, trip, and odometer) are displayed in an easy-to-read manner. The scooter also has turn left/right turn signals which are conveniently located on the left side, near the brake and the horn. The Horn is electric and it communicates with the front light.

All the cockpit buttons are very responsive and within thumb distance. For an added element of safety, you can equip the scoote with an optional mirror which will allow you to easily check around before changing directions. To ensure that you are the only one who can ride the scooter, you get a remote control with convenient key access. The user can start or stop the scooter by remote controller and APP. The software can also be updated by APP.

Headlight and Rear lights

For increased visibility, the TK5 electric scooter is equipped with an efficient light system: day light, height-adjustable laser 10w front light, rear light, and brake light. The front headlight is equipped with a valve to release the steam, and an automatic light-sensing function, which allows it to turn on and off based on ambient brightness. When you turn on the headlight, the light grows slowly to protect the LED, similar to the light systems of industry-leading electric cars. The rear light adopts a three-color LED array, and the display mode, brightness, and color of the lights can be adjusted as needed.

TankTorq TK5 Streamlined design

TK5 uses a spring folding system. When the folding system drops down, the spring will avoid the scooter head touching the rear fender, to protect the scooter display and users. Please follow the user manual instructions and warning labels to avoid accidents. All the scooter electric cables and braking cables are protected by the stainless steel spring to avoid damage. The scooter has no exposed cables, as all the cables are hidden inside the body. This delivers a sleeker design and improved overall durability.  TK5 has double hydraulic suspension, front, and rear with adjustment. All the nuts are covered with plastic covers, not only for aesthetic reasons but also to avoid scratches when in contact with other surfaces.

E-TWOW Community

Stay in touch with your scooter at all times! Get ready to enhance your riding experience with a smart app with Bluetooth® wireless technology!

To pair your scooter with your smartphone, you must first make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is activated and that the scooter is turned on and in range.
To do this, search nearby device and connect with your scooter.
Once the connection is made, you will have the possibility to access the following scooter functions:

  • Set speed limit
  • Turn the lights on/off
  • Activate the Zero Start function*
  • Lock the scooter
    More functions to come …

TankTorq TK5 Spec. Sheet

MotorFront+Rear Motor
  • Nominal power: 2*1000W
electronic limited according with local regulation (ex: EU-2*250W=500W, US - unlimited)
Battery60V, 21Ah
  • waterproof IPX7
  • automatic fuse + electronic BMS protection
Max speed50km/h
(automatic adjustable according with local law by app IP)
Consumption12 Wh/Km (80kg)
Net weight:34.50kg
SizeUnfolded Size: 1205mm*595mm*1298mm
Foldable Size:1205mm*595mm*600mm
Max load120kg
Hill climb ability30°
Wheel size10" Tubeless Tire, 4 Layer, Self seal
  • day light
  • led 10w front light, height adjustable
  • rear light
  • brake light
DisplaySuper bright LED Display with many functions:
  • speed
  • driving modes
  • battery level
  • odometer
  • trip
  • bluetooth
  • tyre failure signal
  • light sight
SuspensionFront and Rear
Spring + hydraulic adjustable suspension
Charging time5h
  • dual magnetic brake with 50% Kers (kinetic energy recovery system)
  • brake distance - 6m at 25 km/h and 80 kg loading
  • dual hydraulic disc brake
  • magnetic brake (E-TWOW style) unique on market, give you the best comfort
Driving options
  • eco mode
  • normal mode
  • sport mode
  • Controller: overtemperature protection
  • Motor: overtemperature protection
  • Battery:
    • overtemperature protection
    • double BMS protection
    • automatic fuse protection
  • Light: overtemperature protection
BluetoothYes, E-TWOW Connect App
  • e-scooter community
  • software upload
  • settings
  • products introduction
  • driving information (speed, maps, gps, etc.)
  • Remote controll key
  • Air compressor 


All the key components have been subject to rigorous tests for optimized performance and uncompromised safety. The controller, the motor, the battery, and the light are all equipped with overtemperature protection systems. The battery also has a double BMS feature and automatic fuse protection. The best part is that all this tech is integrated within the scooter, so you get a completely cable-free riding experience.