Introducing our latest project: GPS ride sharing electric scooters


Get ready for the future of urban transportation!

Electric scooters have already revolutionized urban mobility, empowering pedestrians with the freedom to easily navigate even the most crowded cities.

However, why stop there, when we could take things a step further, and create a modern, economical and ecological transportation system? A scooter ride sharing system represents the future of urban transportation, as it gives all pedestrians access to a cheap and fast ride, at any time during the day.

Real- time scooter availability

Our app uses the Google Maps platform to show you the available scooters in real time, along with their battery levels. The ride sharing app can be used all over the globe, providing you with detailed and accurate data for all urban areas.

Intuitive credit card payment system

To use the app, you will need to add a valid credit card, after which you will be able to unlock any available scooter with an intuitive QR code scan system. You will be charged with a fixed amount when you unlock the scooter, after which you will be charged by the minute.

GPS and GPRS tracking systems

The integrated GPS and GPRS systems allow the app to receive valuable data such as the exact location of the scooters, and real time software indicators such as speed and battery levels. By using an integrated GPS and GPRS tracking system, you will gain full control over the scooters. This will allow you to create a specific perimeter for renting the scooters. If the scooters are taken out of the specified perimeter, you will receive alert messages. The scooters will also come with an integrated alarm system that will be set off if the scooters are taken outside the established perimeter.

Antitheft system

If the wheel of the scooter spins without being rented, a notification will be sent to the administrator and the alarm will start ringing.

Ride history

Historical data is essential for the success of any business, and our app will allow you to access valuable historical indicators such as number of rides, distances, average speed and tracked routes.

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