Why makes the E-TWOW GT SE ideal for daily use

Why an ultra-portable scooter like the E-TWOW GT SE is better for daily use: ✔️ you can fit several scooters in the trunk of your car ✔️ easy to carry up a flight of stairs ✔️ it comes with a dedicated up with anti-theft features ✔️low maintenance, built like a tiny tank ✔️easy to get…
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Happy Chinese New Year!

The Lunar New Year is upon us! We wish our colleagues, our customers, and our partners a Happy Chinese New Year! May your home be filled with happiness and prosperity!
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E-TWOW GT Electric Scooter Review: It’s a beast!

Given its small size, most people are surprised to see just how much power the E-TWOW GT packs and the speed and torque that it delivers. The dual suspension is also a nice addition that most people do not expect in such a small and lights scooter. Indeed, the GT is a powerful road beast,…
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Inside the E-TWOW Factory

The E-TWOW main production center is in the Jinhua province of China. Over 90% of scooter components are produced in-house in the E-TWOW factory, which employs over 150 workers.

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GT 2020 SE

Meet the new GT 2020 SE. Now you can be connected with your scooter at all times and be up to date with the latest news in the world of electric vehicles.

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Booster Facelifts

Because autumn is the season of change, the Booster V and Booster Plus S scooters now come with a facelift that brings extra comfort and functionality.

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