6 Reasons to Ditch Your Car and Get an Electric Scooter

It might feel like the car is a comfort that you can’t give up but once you change it with an electric scooter, you will never look back again.

Comparing e-scooters and cars is as relevant as comparing apples and smartphones. We are talking about two different classes of vehicles, each one with its pros and cons. Nonetheless, when it comes to getting around in a city, some vehicles are more efficient than others. If you are usually the only passenger in your car, you might want to consider ditching the car and getting an electric scooter. Here are just a few of the many advantages that this switch will give you.

1.      No more traffic

The traffic won’t magically disappear when you get an e-scooter, but you will be able to avoid traffic jams completely, thus gaining a lot of extra time each day. The laws for riding an e-scooter differ for each country. In most countries, you are not allowed to ride scooters on the sidewalk. Nonetheless, even if you don’t have bike lanes and you ride on the street, the small scooter allows you to easily pass by the cars that are stuck in traffic jams.

2.      No more parking problems

If you live in a crowded city, you are probably used to waste a lot of time looking for a parking spot. Moreover, you might have noticed that parking fees are getting increasingly expensive. The rising parking cost is a common measure that authorities use to discourage people to use cars in crowded cities. With an electric scooter, you don’t have to worry about parking spots or parking fees. You can easily find a place where you can secure your scooter on any street. Moreover, if you choose an ultraportable scooter like the E-TWOW scooter, you won’t need to secure the scooter in public at all. The E-TWOW scooter weighs very little, so you can easily carry it indoors and store it under a desk or in a closet.

3.      No more taxes

Large vehicles need to be registered and they require you to pay a vehicle tax. There are only a few countries in the world where electric scooters need to be registered and the taxes for them are very small, compared to car taxes. In most parts of the world, electric scooters don’t need to be registered and you don’t pay any tax for them.

4.      Lower transportation costs

With gas prices on the rise, the need for an alternative means of transport is obvious. While electricity is not cheap either these days, it is considerably cheaper than gas. The charging cost for an e-scooters is only a few euros or dollars for each 1000 km. If you have to travel long distances each day, you can combine the scooter with other means of transport like the train or the subway. Since the electric scooter is quite compact, it can easily fit under the seat of public transportation. No matter how you choose to use the e-scooter, it will surely cost you a lot less than the car.

5.      No more pollution

Like all electric products, e-scooters are not entirely pollution free since the batteries need to be changed from time to time. However, their impact on the environment is a lot smaller than that of cars. They don’t release harmful gasses and they don’t cause noise pollution. By ditching your car for an e-scooter, you will considerably diminish your carbon footprint. Moreover, if you follow our tips on how to increase your electric scooter’s battery life, you will help the environment even more.

6.      You’ll spend more time outdoors

The time spent in traffic jams is wasted, but the time spent on an electric scooter can actually be good for you. Spending time outdoors can do wonders for your mental health. Enjoying the gentle breeze on your scooter is a great way to detox from stress and worries. You can always choose routes that pass through parks to get some fresh air and relax even more. Think of your daily scooter ride as a dynamic meditation that will put you on the right path to success.

In a nutshell

There are certain situations where a car still makes sense. If you have children or you have mobility problems, you will need a car to get around the city. However, if you are usually driving your car alone, consider all the time and money that you waste each day, as well as the negative impact that you have on the environment. It might feel like the car is a comfort that you can’t give up but once you make the switch, you will never look back again. An e-scooter will give you much more freedom than a car and it will completely change the way that you get around in a city.


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