Keep Your Scooter Safe with the Fingerprint Sensor Locker

With the fingerprint sensor lock, you no longer have to worry about your electric scooter if you ever need to leave it parked in an unsupervised location.

E-TWOW scooters are designed to be the ideal personal vehicles. Lightweight and easy to fold, they can effortlessly be transported anywhere by anyone. However, occasionally, a situation arises when you are forced to park your scooter to take care of something. For example, you may have to do some light shopping while you are out with the scooter, or you may need to meet with someone in public indoor space. Such situations may have been slightly inconvenient for scooter users in the past, but you now have a simple and affordable solution: The Fingerprint Sensor Locker.

How the fingerprint sensor lock works

The sensor locker has a durable steel cable, wrapped in rubber which is connected to an aluminum alloy case that houses the electronic locking mechanism. The device is very easy to use. It does not need an app since all its functions can be accessed directly from the locking mechanism. Without Bluetooth that communicates with an app, the device consumes very little energy, so it seldom needs to be recharged. In fact, it can unlock over 3000 times on a single full charge. The battery can be charged with a USB charging cable.
The device comes with a default status so any fingerprint can be used to unlock it. Once you unlock it and configure the settings, your finger becomes the key. The first user fingerprint will become the administrator, and all other fingerprints will need to be confirmed by the admin. The configuration requires only a couple of minutes and you can store up to 20 different fingerprints. This means that you can give your family access to your scooter or you can use the sensor lock for communal scooters shared by a small organization.


  • You now have an extra safety measure when you leave your scooter unsupervised
  • No complicated features. You just lock and go!
  • Without an app or a mechanical locking mechanism, the device cannot be hacked or manually picked.
  • It can be used to lock scooters, bikes, and other types of outdoor equipment
  • Fingerprint locks are durable and can work without problems for several years

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