Why You Shouldn’t Compare an Electric Scooter to a Used Car

We cannot compare an electric scooter and a used car, because there are two different classes of vehicles. To choose the most efficient vehicle, we must relate their advantages and disadvantages to the needs of each person.

Two-wheeled electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among residents of large cities. For those who are open to alternative means of transport, the advantages of electric scooters are revealed from the first use. Among more skeptical people, however, electric vehicles remain a debatable topic. The main obstacle seems to be the price of scooters, followed by the fact that these vehicles are not suitable for all weather conditions. Despite the fact that scooters are an alternative to personal cars, we are still talking about different categories of vehicles.
When choosing a personal vehicle, it is essential to understand the basic needs of the user. Both the advantages and disadvantages of a vehicle are not general factors, but they relate to the needs of each person. Let’s take a look at the factors that define a personal vehicle to see what needs to be considered in the purchase decision.

Utility – Who uses the vehicle and how do they use it?

At a European level, over 50% of cars in cities have a single passenger and most journeys are shorter than 10 km. Using a car for a person who travels alone every day is not only a waste of money but also a source of traffic and pollution. Such people have many advantages if they choose to replace the car with an electric scooter. In large cities, a person can save up to 2 hours a day if they give up the car in favor of an electric scooter (time wasted in traffic jams or looking for parking spaces).

However, there are also cases in which several people travel daily with the same car, including children or elderly people with disabilities. For such people, the car or public transport remains a safer and more comfortable way to travel.

Price – Can you buy a car with the value of an electric scooter?

The price of a used car can often equal the price of an electric scooter. Any good loses its value proportionally to its use, to the point where it becomes worthless. For example, a car that ends up costing tens of times less than its original price brings less value to its user. Such a car will constantly need repairs for the short life it has left. In addition to the costs of purchasing and repairing a used car, the costs of ownership and use must also be considered: taxes, parking fees, tolls, and the cost of fuel.
A new electric scooter can cost the same as a used car. However, after the purchase, these vehicles do not come with other ownership and maintenance costs. Moreover, if purchased locally, a new electric vehicle enjoys warranty, service, and permanent support. E-TWOW scooters have a 2-year warranty for the engine and 1 year for the rest of the components. We have showrooms and service points all over the world to be close to our customers and to respond as quickly as possible to their needs.


We cannot make a comparison between a scooter and a used car, because they belong to two different classes of vehicles, each addressing a certain category of users. To choose the most efficient personal vehicle, we must relate the advantages and disadvantages of each type of vehicle to the needs of each person.

Used car

Electric scooter

Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
Can be used in any weather
Maintenance costs Limited parking spots
No traffic
Doesn’t need parking space
Easy to store
Pollution free
Warranty and support
Can only be used by one person at a time

Not suitable for rain/snow

In the end, we can all agree that we want to save time and money. If we can save money and protect the environment, that’s even better. In addition to being practical, electric scooters are also extremely fun to use.

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