5 Reasons Why Scooters Keep Getting Even More Popular

When electric scooters became popular, most people thought they would be a short-lived craze like wave-boards or self-balancing scooters. It soon became clear that electric scooters were here to stay. Not only did they manage to stay on the market, but their popularity keeps rising, years after they first got noticed. So, what makes these vehicles special? Keep on reading to discover why e-scooters managed to conquer the whole world.

1.      They can be used by anyone

There are many two-wheeled vehicles on the market, both electric and classic. Some of them like the unicycle or the wave-board have unique features. These features are guaranteed to appeal to people who are looking for unique means of transportation. The problem with these vehicles is that their way of use is very restrictive. For example, you need a good amount of courage and balance to master a wave board. The chances of getting a woman on a wave-board or an elderly person on an electric unicycle are almost non-existent. On the other hand, the classic electric scooter appeals to virtually any person with a decent level of mobility. They are suitable for men and women of all ages.

2.      They can be used for both business and pleasure

While a skateboard can definitely make a day in the park more fun, it is not really suitable as a vehicle for the daily commute. The electric scooter on the other hand can be used daily. It’s so easy to use that it doesn’t require sports attire. On the contrary, it goes great with both sports and office looks. Moreover, it allows you to get from point A to point B without sweating or getting tired. It is also great for fun. Any ride on the electric scooter is entertaining, and this vehicle is particularly great for sightseeing.

3.      They have a very low risk of injury

The electric scooter is very safe to use. It’s not heavy and it has a very low guard, so you don’t need to have a great balance to use it. The E-TWOW scooter in particular has an excellent center of gravity which allows it to balance with ease. If you happen to fall, you are close to the ground so the risk of injury is minimum as a beginner. As long as you stick to the local speed laws and adapt your driving to the daily weather, the scooter is a very safe means of transportation.

4.      Their size eliminates a lot of inconveniences

Owning a bike can be very troublesome for people who live in small apartments. Bikes are difficult to get indoors and they require a lot of storage space. Keeping them outdoors is not an option either as they can easily be stolen. Portable scooters on the other hand eliminate all of these problems. The E-TWOW scooters are in fact ultra-portable scooters. They can be folded and stored with ease even in the smallest apartment. They fit in an elevator, in the trunk of a car, or under your desk at work. They eliminate a lot of storage and theft concerns.

5.      They help you save time and money

Once you stop seeing the electric scooter as a fun device and you start to see it as a real vehicle, you will start to bask in the real benefits of owning it. If you use it instead of a car, you will save a lot of time in traffic and you will save a lot of gas money. You can also stop worrying about limited parking spaces, parking fees, or taxes.

As you can see, electric scooters are anything but a short-lived craze. If anything, they might just be the ideal vehicles for a sustainable future.

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