Advantages of an Ultra-Portable Electric Scooter

Slim and easy to carry, the ultra-portable E-TWOW electric scooter fits in almost any transportation scenario and it makes your life so much easier.

For people who do not yet use an electric scooter, this type of vehicle is just another means of transportation, no better than an electric bike. For people who do use such a vehicle, it is a real game-changer that spares them the trouble of being stuck in traffic jams or searching for parking spots, not to mention the gas and parking costs. However, for people who use an E-TWOW electric scooter, this is the ideal personal transportation vehicle. It packs the power of a heavy-duty electric scooter, yet it is one of the best lightweight ultra-portable scooters. Slim and easy to carry, it fits in almost any scenario of your life. But do not take our word for it. Check out these situations when the ultra-portable E-TWOW scooter saves the day.

You can fit it in the trunk of your car

In fact, you can fit two of them even in the small front trunk of an electric vehicle.

You can take it on public transportation

If your commute to work involves switching between different means of transportation, you needn’t worry because the E-TWOW scooter can accompany you anywhere. It weighs less than 13 kg so you can easily carry it up and down the subway stairs. Plus, no matter how crowded your bus or train is, you can always find room for your folded electric scooter.

You can take it to your office

Whether you want to take it to your office to charge it, or you simply don’t want to leave it parked untended when you are at work, the compact E-TWOW scooter can easily fit under your desk.

You can take it to your favorite coffee house

No need to worry about parking or securing your scooter when you take a quick coffee brake. Since the scooter is so small, no one will object to you taking it inside, and it will easily fit under any coffee table.

It’s so easy to carry!!

OK, we already said this, but it’s worth saying it again. All E-TWOW scooters weight less than 13 kg, they are super easy to fold and their weight distributes evenly when you carry them. Last but not leas, they have the best specs for their size and weight.

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