Electric Scooter Summer Maintenance Tips

If you follow some simple maintenance tips, your e-scooter will be the best companion on your fun summer adventures.

When it comes to maintaining your E-TWOW scooter, the manual is a good resource. It has valuable tips that you should apply all year long. However, you can always do a little more to maintain your scooter in a good condition for as long as possible. Follow these simple steps to care for your scooter this summer. We also have some tips for safely riding in hot weather.

Scooter maintenance

We all know that extreme temperatures can put a toll on any device and vehicle, but a few simple tips can prevent damage and deterioration

1.      Don’t charge your scooter immediately after a ride

If you use your scooter daily, you’ve probably made a habit of charging your scooter after each long ride. This is a good habit because you should charge the scooter as often as possible. Allowing it to discharge completely is bad for the battery. However, during the summertime, you should wait about 30 minutes after a long ride to charge the scooter. This allows the scooter to cool off, thus prolonging your battery’s life. E-TWOW scooters are equipped with state-of-the-art battery management systems which protect the battery even in extreme temperatures. However, a little protection from your part will prolong the battery’s life even more. If possible, charge the scooter in a ventilated environment at a temperature that doesn’t exceed 40 degrees Celcius.

2.      Avoid riding in extreme temperatures

If you live in an area with extremely hot temperatures, avoid using the scooter during the hottest hours. The scooter should only be used in temperatures ranging from -10 to 60 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, when the temperature rises above 40 degrees, it is not only the scooter that is at risk outdoors but your health as well.

3.      Check your tires regularly

As the weather gets hotter, so does the pavement, and your tires are the first to be affected by this. Luckily for you, E-TWOW scooters are equipped with solid tires, so you don’t need to worry about the pressure. However, even solid tires will deteriorate faster during the summer, so make sure to check them regularly as they affect the overall performance of your scooter.

4.      Store the scooter in a cool environment, away from direct sunlight

Storage conditions are essential in the summertime. Extreme temperatures can harm the battery and direct sunlight can deteriorate the enclosure materials. Try to find a storage spot where the temperature is constant between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius.

5.      Grease the suspension regularly

You should the scooter’s suspension at least once a month in any season. However, you may need to grease it more often in the summer if you live in an area with hot and dry summers. In dry conditions, there is more dust on the road, so it is more likely for the suspension to get dirty. Make sure to clean it and grease it as often as needed.


Tips for a safe summer ride

Your scooter is not the only one that needs a few extra safety measures in the summer. For a safe ride, follow these simple steps.

  • Use a ventilated helmet
  • Use sunglasses
  • Use sunscreen
  • Wear weather-appropriate clothing
  • Stay hydrated by always traveling with a water bottle
  • Don’t ride in flip-flops or sandals

In conclusion

Riding during the summer can be extremely fun. There is nothing more satisfying than watching cars stuck in traffic while you ride in style, enjoying the nice weather. As long as you take a few extra measures to protect your scooter and yourself, your e-scooter will be the best companion on your fun summer adventures.


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