How to Safely Ride Your Scooter During Winter

As long as you take some measures to stay safe, you can still count on your scooter to help you avoid traffic, even in colder weather. Here’s what you need to do to safely ride your scooter during winter.

Most people associate electric scooters with warm weather. While it is a lot more enjoyable to ride a scooter in fair weather, this does not mean that the scooter is off-limits during winter. As long as you take some measures to stay safe, you can still count on your scooter to help you avoid traffic, even in colder weather. In the following lines, we will give you a few tips to safely ride the scooter during winter.

Avoid extreme weather conditions

It is not the temperature that dictates whether or not you can ride the scooter, but the humidity. Because they have small wheels and sensitive electric components, scooters should not be used in conditions of rain, sleet, snow, or ice. However, if the roads are dry and not slippery, you are free to use your scooter, no matter how cold the weather is.

Understand that your battery will perform differently during winter

Just like any electric device, when the scooter is exposed to lower temperatures, the battery won’t last as much as it does in normal temperatures. How much the range will decrease depends on the temperature drop. In extreme conditions expect your range to decrease as much as 50%. Keep this in mind when planning your trips, so that you don’t run out of battery life mid-trip. Needless to say, your scooter must always be stored indoors when it is not used to protect the battery. Since the battery is sensitive to temperature changes allow it to warm up indoors for a few minutes before using the scooter or before charging it. To do this, simply turn the scooter on for a few minutes. It is particularly important to do this when you get home, before charging the scooter, to prevent condensation.

Wear appropriate clothing

You can’t anticipate how the weather will change throughout the day, so we advise you to prepare for the worst scenario. Choose windproof and waterproof top layers. Ideally, you should dress in layers, so that you can take something off if it gets too hot. Keep in mind that your extremities are more sensitive to loss of temperature than the rest of your body. The hands must always be warm to control the scooter. The ideal gloves should have a high degree of thermal protection but still be thin, to allow you to have full control of the electric scooter. You can also wear a facemask and a neckwarmer.

Use a top-quality helmet

Helmets should be worn all year long, but during winter, you should choose a higher-quality helmet. Keep in mind that in winter you are facing more obstacles than in the rest of the year. Ice and salt considerably increase the risk of accidents. You also need extra cold protection. We advise you to choose a helmet with quality padding, ventilation, and an anti-fog visor.

These are but a few tips that will make it safer for you to ride the scooter during winter. Nonetheless, your safety is your responsibility so feel free to take additional safety measures if you need them. Moreover, you are the one that must decide whether or not the weather is appropriate for riding the scooter. Stay safe and don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks.



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