Debunking 5 Electric Scooter Myths

As funny as some of these electric scooter myths might sound, many people believe them, so it is time to debunk them once and for all.

Electric scooters are becoming the must-have urban vehicles. However, despite their popularity, the controversies around them keep increasing. If you look around, it seems that everybody is riding e-scooters. The truth is that there are still many people who have never even tried them. The reasons why many people are reluctant to try them revolve around some persistent myths. As funny as some of these myths might sound, many people believe them, so it is time to debunk them once and for all.

1. Electric scooters are uncomfortable

Like all two-wheeled vehicles, electric scooters need a little time to get used to them. However, the learning curve is extremely steep. Most people who haven’t even ridden a bike before can easily keep their balance on an e-scooter from the first try. Yes, the lack of a seat makes them unsuitable for long rides. However, electric scooters are not meant to be ridden for hours. They are designed for urban use, so most rides will take less than half an hour.

2. Electric scooters are difficult to maneuver

When it comes to a scooter’s ease of use, it depends on the model. A low center of gravity makes a scooter very easy to maneuver. Many will argue that a low guard will make a vehicle unfit for rugged terrain. Nonetheless, as we already mentioned, scooters are designed for urban use, not off-road trips. So, if you want an easy to maneuver scooter, opt for one with a low guard. Narrow handles also make the scooter easier to steer. The combination of these two factors makes the E-TWOW scooters one of the easiest scooters to maneuver.

3. Electric scooters can’t go uphill

This myth is not entirely untrue, but it is different for each scooter. The first scooters that hit the market had very weak motors, and there are still many scooters who can’t deliver enough torque to go uphill. However, this is not the case of a powerful scooter like E-TWOW GT that has a 700 Watt motor and enough torque to conquer most urban slopes. Still, it is important to understand that a scooter’s uphill climbing ability don’t just depend on its motor. The steepness of the incline and the weight of the user must also be taken into account.

4. Electric scooters are not for girls

This myth is probably a result of the first two myths combined. However, an uncomfortable and difficult to use vehicle is unfit for all people, not just girls. We now know that e-scooters are neither uncomfortable nor difficult to maneuver. In fact, due to their light weight and compact dimensions, electric scooters are easier to be used by girls than bikes or mopeds.

5. Electric scooter batteries don’t last long

This myth was mainly generated by the scooter ride-sharing industry. Indeed rides-sharing scooters have an overall short lifespan. This is because they are are used chaotically. Moreover, when they are discharged, they are abandoned outdoors regardless of weather conditions. How you care for your scooter will determine the life-span of not only the battery, but the overall scooter. To extend the life of the battery, try to avoid discharging the scooter completely. Moreover, when you don’t use it, store it indoors, in a dry environment with a moderate temperature.

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