Why Docked Scooter Sharing Systems are the Future of Urban Mobility

The E-TWOW docked ride-sharing system features all the advantages of free-flow scooters, with many added benefits.

Vehicle rental solutions have been around for many years. They have been very useful for people who travel and need access to a personal vehicle when they are in a foreign place. Nonetheless, they have lost a lot of their popularity when a new rental solution took the world by surprise: shared micromobility.

This alternative transportation solution gives people short-term access to a vehicle. The most popular vehicles for shared micromobility are electric scooters. While no one can dispute the utility of shared mobility, cities are now confronted with the unorganized nature of dock-less systems. This is where the E-TWOW docked ride-sharing system comes to the rescue. It features all the advantages of free-flow scooters, with many added benefits.

Advantages of shared micromobility

Whether we are talking about dock-less or docked sharing systems, studies have shown that shared micromobility reduces pollution. It also reduces traffic and it encourages economic development. Last but not least, it brings the population many health benefits. Moreover, micromobility is one of the most efficient ways of traveling short distances. Renting a bike or an electric scooter is cheap and convenient.

The drawbacks of free-flow scooters

Free-flow scooters seem great in theory, but they pose a lot of challenges for pedestrians and city administrations.

  • Disorder on the streets

Despite the best efforts of free-flow operators to educate their users on the proper way to park the scooters, few people bother to follow the rules. Free-flow scooters are abandoned without any regard to the consequences. When parked incorrectly, the scooters bother pedestrians, they hinder the traffic, they block parking spaces and they look bad.

  • Not the most environmentally friendly solution

Even though they don’t technically pollute, free flow scooters need to be picked up from the streets to be charged and then placed back on the streets. This operation is done with cars which is ironic since free-flow scooters are presented as an alternative to cars.

  • Vandalism

No matter how civilized a country is, there will always be people who find pleasure in destruction. Free-flow scooters are frequently vandalized by common perpetrators. Moreover, they are also vandalized by pedestrians who are bothered by improperly parked scooters.

E-TWOW docked scooters to the rescue!

At E-TWOW we have identified the drawbacks of free flow scooters. As such, we developed a system that eliminates those drawbacks, without losing any convenience points. By placing docking stations in strategic locations, we create a transport network that covers wide areas. Our networks often complement current public transport networks.

When they are not in use, the scooters are securely parked in their stations, so they don’t bother pedestrians and are protected from vandals. Moreover, since the scooters charge while parked, they have less downtime.

E-TWOW doesn’t just manufacture the scooters. We also produce the docking stations and we develop the rental app. Since we develop all of the system’s parts, we make sure that they all work perfectly together. Our E-TWOW RideSharing solution can be adapted by municipalities as part of the public transport network. It can also be used by corporations as a commuting solution for their employers, or it can be used in the tourism industry. Investors who wish to run a profitable business can join our network, or they can use our rental solution to create their own business. We made our solution flexible so that it can be integrated into any community.

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  • Ebener Guillaume
    12/07/2021 20:42


    Can you please send me the details of your corporate solution. (Price liste,… )

    We would like to implement your solution between two building in our campus in Switzerland.
    Guillaume Ebener

    • Hello. Thank you for your interest in our sharing solution. We will send you an e-mail with more details shortly.


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