E-TWOW GT Electric Scooter Review: It’s a beast!

Given its small size, most people are surprised to see just how much power the E-TWOW GT packs and the speed and torque that it delivers. The dual suspension is also a nice addition that most people do not expect in such a small and lights scooter. Indeed, the GT is a powerful road beast, yet it only weighs 13 kg. Check out this comprehensive review to learn more about it:



The GT is now available as the GT 2020 SE edition, featuring a rear drum brake and a smart app.

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  • Simon Willis
    22/12/2020 19:45

    Have the etwow S+ And it’s brilliant! Portable, well built and great for my short journeys to the local shop and I can take it in and carry it without having to lock it up outside!

    However I bought from the etwow Uk site and they have not responded to my emails and never pick up the phone, very bad customer service. All I wanted to know is if I should have expected a warranty certificate in the box in case of possible repairs under warranty??! is email confirmation of my original order enough should the worst happen??

    • Hi Simon. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your new ride.
      Can you please tell us from which website you bought the scooter so that we can get in touch with them? For a valid warranty, you need the certificate, which specifies the purchase date and the unique series of the product.

  • ive just past 900 miles on mt 2020gt with no problems. Just a little low on power up hills. Will there be a twin motor option soon

    • Hi Nick! We’re happy you’re enjoying your scooter! Yes, we plan to release a dual motor scooter in the future.

  • I would like to dual motor my gt sport would I get voltage sag would I get extra speeds or just extra power going up hills thanks

    • Hi Core! We don’t recommend such a customization as don’t know how the scooter would perform in various situations.


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