Top Features that Make E-TWOW Scooters Extra Convenient

E-TWOW scooters have the best specs for their size and weight, but they also have some lesser-known advantages that make them extra comfortable.

E-TWOW is known as one of the best ultra-portable scooters. The main advantage of E-TWOW scooters is that they have the best specs for their weight. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the top performance with a vehicle that weighs less than 13 kilograms? Nonetheless, beyond performance and portability, E-TWOW scooters are made to deliver comfort and to fit the needs of any individual. So, here are some lesser-known advantages that make our scooters extra comfortable.

Dual suspension

Despite the fact that our electric scooters have solid tires, they pack enough bounce to handle rough road conditions, and they even give you the freedom to perform some tricks. The tension in the suspensions is perfectly balanced to absorb the impact of uneven roads without throwing the rider off-balance.

Height-adjustable handlebar

Our scooters are meant to be ideal personal vehicles, which means that they must feel equally comfortable for any individual. Very few scooters have adjustable handlebars and we have a patented system to easily provide this feature. A height-adjustable handlebar is not just a matter of comfort, but a matter of safety. A handlebar fitter for the rider’s height will allow the rider to adopt a safe position while riding and proper support while braking.

Foldable handles

How do you make a scooter as compact as possible? Easy, you design a unique 3-points system, which folds the scooter to a minimum size, folding even the handles. Thus, the E-TWOW scooters can be easily carried and can be stored in the smallest of places.

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