Coming up soon! New scooter for Germany

Because we keep up with the legal requirements of each country, we will soon release an upgraded electric scooter for Germany!

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  • Sven Steingräber
    10/07/2019 19:11

    Hallo. Gibt es schon einen Verfügbarkeits-Termin für die ersten PLEV´s nach eKFV für Deutschland? Ab wann kann e twow Baden Baden ausliefern? Wie lange müssen wir noch warten? Danke, Steingräber

  • Bernd Grieshofer
    14/07/2019 14:51

    How about welding something (a ring or the like) to the scooter so it is possible to use a lock without improvising?

  • Will there be UL2272 certified models coming soon?

  • Geoff. Gagnon
    09/02/2020 02:17

    Sweet is this Scooter going to release in Canada or USA… Ewheels from USA said they might have thia scooter in about 10 days hopefully…Is Uscooters is the domain name in USA like they say on reviews or is this a similar scooter to the e-twow scooter …??
    If they don’t get it, can yoy ship this scooter to USA or Canada…. I live in Canada Canada but close USA border 🛂

    • Uscooters is an authorized dealer. They should have the new GT in stock by now

  • william Knox
    09/03/2020 22:58

    what are the pecs on this model? Is uscooters expected to get it anytime soon?


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