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Ten Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the power consumption of an E-TWOW Scooter?
E-TWOW Scooter has a power consumption of only 6.15W/km (with the LED lights turned ON).
2What is the maximum speed of an E-TWOW scooter?
The E-TWOW reaches speeds of up to 30km/h! Many countries have a legislation that imposes a speed limitation. E-TWOW scooter features a great particularity – the speed can be limited according to the legislation of every country, so once a maxim speed is set, the scooter won't exceed that speed which can be limited to 6 km/h, 12 km/h, 20 km/h, 25 km/h. This function can be activated or deactivated from the central control unit, according to the user’s needs.
3What is the autonomy of W-TWOW Scooters?
The autonomy is between 30 and 35 km/h and it was calculated at a constant speed of 20km/h, with a load under 75kg and with a wind speed of under 10km/h. The E-TWOW is the first scooter to use the KERS technology (KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM) through the magnetic braking, so the autonomy can be increased up to 60 %. This system is used in Formula 1 cars and it’s the first time such a technology was integrated in an electric kick scooter.
4Charging time?
1.5h-2h (4A charger) or 3h-3.5h (2A charger) When you get the E-TWOW electric scooter for the first time, we recommend to charge the accumulator fully before using and also charge it once every three months if you stopped using the scooter.
5What about the brakes?
The scooter has a double breaking system: it uses a magnetic brake (without any friction), which activates also the KERS technology and a rear foot brake that stops the scooter instantly, which makes the your ride a very smooth, safe and comfortable one.
6What about the E-TWOW lighting system?
E-TWOW Scooter is equipped with a lighting system made up of 6 powerful white LEDs and a senzor that will automatically start the headlight when the ambient light is insufficient.
7Is it lightweight?
Only 10.7Kg, which makes it the lightest electric scooter in the industry
8Can it be folded?
The E-TWOW scooter is a completely foldable electric scooter (patented). The folding is done in 3 easy steps and it takes only a few seconds: Height Adjustable, Handlebar Folding , Main body folding and it also has an Automatic Unfolding Body. The entire folding systems was never used untill now for such a vehicle.
9What are the dimensions of an E-TWOW scooter?
Unfolded: 940 x 135 x 1160 mm | Folded: 945 x 135 x 300 mm; which makes it very easy to carry and store (for example under a desk, in a suitcase or in a locker), and it is virtually unnoticeable at your feet or under the seats on a bus or train.
10Must be a natural born rider?
The design of the E-TWOW offers a very stable and easy ride, even for persons that never used a scooter before.

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