8 Situations in Which the E-TWOW Scooter Can Replace the Car

If you are not ready to sell your car, you can start by replacing it with the e-scooter every so often. Here are 8 situations in which to make the switch.

Changing our habits is challenging. Even when we have clear proof that a change is good for us, we still have a hard time making the change. This is especially true if change means giving up a car that is essential to our lifestyle. We’re not suggesting that you sell your car and replace it with a scooter. Nonetheless a scooter is an affordable purchase, and you can start by replacing the car with the scooter every so often. In time, the definitive change will come naturally. Here are 7 situations in which the scooter can not only replace the car, but it can do an even better job at transporting you.

1. For your daily commute

Unless your job requires you to carry equipment, the electric scooter is a far better choice for your daily commute than your car. It costs less to use it and it allows you to dodge traffic jams and save time on your daily commute. You don’t even have to worry about parking it. You simply fold it and store it under your desk or in a locker at work or at the university. The E-TWOW scooters have a great range, so if your destination is not further than 15-20 km, you can make the whole journey and back with the scooter.

2. A a last-mile solution

If your workplace or your university is very far from your home, you probably have to change different means of transportation. In this situation you can use the scooter as a last mile solution. You can ride it until you reach the buss or the train station, or you can ride it if you have a distance between different rides that you have to take. The scooter can easily be folded and it takes little space in public transportation. You are even allowed to take it when riding the subway.

3. For shopping

Going to a commercial center with a car can be very troublesome during rush hours. Sometimes it takes more time to get there and find a parking spot than it takes for you to do your shopping. If you don’t plan on buying voluminous items, you can use the scooter for transportation. Once you get there, you can take the scooter inside, or you can use a good locking device and secure it outdoors. You can store your shopping items in a backpack. If you don’t have a backpack you can hang a bag on the main-handle’s hook. Just make sure the bag is not too heavy so it doesn’t cause a balance problem.

4. For going to meetings…and dates

If you work in sales and you have to go to meetings in different parts of the city, the e-scooter can be your ideal vehicle. It will allow you to arrive to your meetings on time and save money on gas. The scooter can also be used for going on dates. Your outfit should not be a problem in these situations. Since the e-scooter doesn’t require any effort, it can be used with any outfit (provided that you have comfortable shoes). Nowadays it is very common to see people riding scooters in smart outfits.

5. For relaxation

How many times have you taken a ride to clear your mind. Driving can be very relaxing when there is no traffic but a ride with your scooter can be even more pleasant. It gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoors while being caressed by a gentle breeze.

6. For private errands

The errands that require you to go from one place to another can be dealt with faster on a scooter than a car. This applies to anything from dry-cleaning drop-off and pick-ups, to trips to the doctor, the hair salon, g the post-office or the bank. As much as we would like to handle all our errands from home, many of them still require that we travel all over the city. Luckily, you get take care of errands quickly on a scooter.

7. In the delivery industry

If you work in the delivery industry, you might want to consider ditching the car for a more convenient means of transportation. In this line of work, the main problem is not traffic, but finding suitable parking spaces in crowded areas. The scooter saves you a lot of trouble when delivering food or small items. Depending on the type of items that you deliver, you can use the scooter exclusively or keep it in your car/van and use it only for special deliveries.

8. For sightseeing

If you are visiting a new city, you might want to think twice before using your car for visiting purposes. A scooter will allow you to get from one attraction to another without dealing with traffic. Furthermore, it is cheaper and more entertaining that a car. They say that the best way to visit a city is by foot, but that can take a very long time and it can be quite exhausting. The scooter gives you the chance to visit from a pedestrian point-of-view but in a faster and more relaxing way.


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